Peoplemix Consulting is founded on one simple idea …

We believe that the key to building a high-performing business is like baking a cake – you need the right blend of people, economics, and technology for optimal results.

When your employees are empowered to excel, your business thrives. By keeping your revenue and costs under control, optimizing your operational technologies, and aligning your organizational practices, the magic unfolds. This magic translates into improved financial performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, superior safety standards, and overall business success.

At Peoplemix Consulting, we craft bespoke people & organisational solutions that resonate with the unique essence of your business to help you unlock the potential of your business.  We are about making shift happen!

Our goal is to bring the right blend of expertise, innovation, and dedication to every project we undertake.  We believe in the power of synergy, combining human resources insights, cutting-edge people & culture practices, and tailored strategies to drive exceptional outcomes.

At Peoplemix Consulting, we offer four broad services to help get the peoplemix right – after an initial chat, we can help you identify what is needed for your business.

Developing Strategy

Tom brings over 40 years’ experience in human resources and business management across various industries and geographies, especially in heavy industry/ highly unionised environments.

For many years, Tom led the HR function at the Executive and Board level with ASX listed and global teams – hence Tom has a strong focus on achieving best-balanced outcomes for all stakeholders.

"Without a plan you are nowhere, with a plan you can always adjust"

To be able to see the “Big Picture”, some of the common questions that need to be addressed include:

How can I create a real sense of energy around here?

Am I hiring the right types of people for what my business is trying to achieve? 

Are my pay and recognition practices driving the right behaviours?

Am I structured in the best way to grow my market share?

Did we do a good enough job when we integrated our last acquisition? 

Have I brought people along on the change journey?

The output of this review is a set of recommendations about what is working well (and to leave well enough alone!), as well as any changes required to your people and organisation practices that might be stopping your people being at their best.

Building People & Culture Structure

Having established a clear picture of where the business is currently at and what the business is seeking to achieve, we are able to assist you in the build of the critical people, structural and cultural policies, systems and practices, which will give you the best chance of success.

This could include addressing any of the areas identified in the People & Org Check.

Navigating Change

At Peoplemix Consulting, we understand the importance of effective change management support. We offer tailored assistance to ensure that your organisational changes are successfully implemented and sustained. 

Whether it’s through facilitated workshops for you and your leadership team, leadership mentoring, skill enhancement of your leaders or HR team, or active participation in your implementation team, we are here to make sure your changes stick and drive lasting results for your business.

Negotiating Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

Enterprise bargaining involves a complex process of negotiation between an employer and their employees (and their representatives) to determine the terms and conditions of their employment resulting in an approved enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) operating in the business.

Managers often inquire about the ‘ideal’ enterprise bargaining agreement process.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  The enterprise bargaining process entails many intricate steps and is heavily regulated by extensive legal requirements from the commencement of bargaining to the approved EBA in place.

To receive expert guidance throughout your entire enterprise agreement bargaining process, reach out to us at Peoplemix Consulting.

Our Approach – How We Operate


Leveraging our own thinking models and strategic framework honed over 30 years of research and hands-on experience, our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current situation, guiding you through every step of your project and culminating in a thorough evaluation and review of the outcome.


Whether it’s one-on-one sessions or small group settings, our strengths-based coaching approach solidifies our position as your trusted mentor.


Whether we’re delivering training or facilitating a workshop, Peoplemix Consulting provides facilitators who excel at eliciting diverse perspectives to co-create impactful outcomes.