Your Needs

At Peoplemix Consulting, we help you solve your most complex people and organisational challenges … let us help you navigate the turbulent waters of change successfully.

As a chief executive or senior executive, or aspire to be one, you are forward thinking, can see the “Big Picture”, and know that good people using good practices can make the success of your business.

As you manage the tension of achieving ever-better business outcomes, you might be dealing with some of the following sorts of current issues or potential opportunities :

You are a business manager looking to set up a new business enterprise and you have payroll and super covered but you need outsourced HR expertise to help advise to set things up and ongoing support

You are designing or implementing a new business strategy/ program launch and need to make sure that your people and organisational practices will help, not help hinder your efforts

You have been asked to negotiate an enterprise agreement and need to understand the complex process involved and ongoing support during the negotiations

You are restructuring your business/ team and want to get it right the first time

You are going to a hybrid model of work and need to know that you will be successful

You are driving major changes in the way you do business, how you reward your employees, what investment to make in employee learning and development and can’t afford for it not to be successful

You are looking to enhance the capability of your leadership or HR team

We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.  Embrace the transformation with Peoplemix – where making shift happen is not just a slogan, but a promise we deliver on.